An historic day (subtitle: paranoia and pedestals)

Today I was followed, electronically, for the first time. To the social media buffs out there that’s probably just about the most mundane thing you could read, but I’ve always avoided socmed like the plague. I aim to have gone through life never having had a Facebook account (succeeding so far). Same goes for Twitter, but without the same inherent irrational dislike of the platform. But WordPress has a different feel about it. I do sense a proper community spirit out there, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here right now. So I’m okay about being followed on here. At least I am now.

I was a bit more wary this morning, getting an email announcing I was being followed and who by (oh come on, ‘whom’ is best left to people with broad Norfolk accents, explaining where the heart is). When I saw it was an attractive lady from South-East Asia (aren’t they all? what’s their secret?) alarm bells began to clang. No, this was obviously a trick. My paranoia doubled when I (mis-)read on the Gravatar blog that people were swapping selfies of each other. It doubled again when my follower’s email showed up as ‘P Meringue’ despite her supposedly being called Damyanti. No, this was obviously a trick. Shame, as she had an honest face. This P Meringue was probably a man, French, a Philippe or perhaps Patrice. And Meringue probably wasn’t his real name; he just had bad taste in cakes.

However, after a bit of delving around, as you do, I believe in Damyanti after all. She’s a writer, focusing on short stories, pretty accomplished by the looks of things, published on quite a number of occasions. I read her shorty ‘Peeping Toe’ and it was a pleasure to read one of these pint-sized creations again. I haven’t read (or written) any for several years and must read the others available on her website, here:

The apparent twist at Peeping Toe’s end, well, no I won’t spoil it for you, but I think the story must work best if you make the same lazy assumption I made at the beginning; that’s all I’m saying.

Damyanti the First is now effectively royalty on this website. Not every follower will get put on a pedestal like this, but I’m enjoying the power trip so there may be further anointing to come. And if Monsieur Patrice Meringue is reading this, sniggering into his dreadful dessert, don’t get too comfortable, cos you’re my character now, and I can make bad stuff happen to you…


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