Credit where it’s due

Just a quick post to link to Emma’s site as it doesn’t seem worthwhile adding a bog roll to my landing page yet.

Emma put me onto Guy Kawasaki’s ‘APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur’. Her enthusiasm for and experience of self-publishing – not to mention willingness to advise a mere friend-of-a-friend – helped me shift up a gear or two once I’d made up my mind I was going to go down that road. As I’ve commented already to my ex-study buddy Maggie, encouragement is free to dish out yet priceless to receive.

I was interested to see Emma’s recent post on Doreen Lawrence. My forthcoming novel ‘The Judge of the Dead’ is heavily-based upon corruption within the criminal justice system, and I reference the Lawrence family surveillance shenanigans within it, albeit cursorily, and despite it being a work of fiction.

It was refreshing to see – in Emma’s previous post – that I’m not the only person that has struggled with reading Henry James. I’m not averse to deploying a comma or three, but one short story I read of his contained a sentence with no less than about thirteen or fourteen of the little blighters. In the end, I was so exhausted by trying to juggle clauses that I had to have a lie-down for a bit.


One thought on “Credit where it’s due

  1. Hey Sean – good to see that the self-publishing project is underway! Good luck with ramping up the publicity machine! Next year, hope to see you at the Henley Literary Festival (lots of inspiration there for creative types).


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