‘Three Seasons’ – a poem

I haven’t written a pome (sic) for several years, and then only under university-orchestrated duress, but having been woken by the neighbours at 3:40 (yeah, thanks a lot) my cogs started whirring and once I had three words I couldn’t switch my brain off and that was the end of my night’s kip, so I’m feeling pretty fuzzy right now; best I get this post off.


‘Three Seasons’



Thunderous jungle,

Starstruck ungulates


Angled flashing




Blonded fronds


Drop down


Collect where

Huge trunks hug their gathered,





Crossbills nibble at


Mistle throstles whistle

For March.

Defrosting gardens


To the harbinger

Of spring



Why only three seasons? Well, I got to thinking about a mate, Ian, whose partner has just had a baby (bless) and I thought, well, a pregnancy only lasts three seasons; I could dedicate this to baby Amelia thereby securing a free pass that gets me off having to write a fourth section. I was pretty pleased with this idea at 5:40 and resolved to get up at this unearthly time of the morning should I ever need to tap into this devious streak again.

I do love playing about with rhyme (full or slant), it really bakes my strudel. I mean noodle. Nope, I prefer strudel. Noodle is a ridiculous word. Reckon I’ve just improved that idiom immeasurably. I gift it to the world at large.

Not sure a nature poem is the best way to help flog a forthcoming crime novel, but maybe there are poetry buffs out there just waiting for a chance to move into the east London underworld…

If so, you need to hold on a bit longer while I admit I love being out at this time of year and hearing the sound of Mistle Thrush; brightens up any winter’s day. It’s a bootiful singer, as they say in Norfolk. if you don’t believe me…




[Thanks to Richard Dunn of Northumberland for the uppy to xeno-canto under creative commons licence.]


[Edited – for lack of tags. Hard enough to remember at the best of times never mind  while I’m only half-functioning. If this dupes in your inbox, sorry, sorry, sorry and…sorry again.]


2 thoughts on “‘Three Seasons’ – a poem

  1. Thanks for a rather lovely ‘pome’ (good to hear pome’s from you again!) And the birdsong – also one of my favourites…they’ve been at it up here recently – and the chaffinches are trilling too – a sure sign of spring on the wing…


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